Policy Committee has nine (8) voting members (eleven non-voting/alternate members. The voting members consist of representatives from Madison County, Clarke County, Oconee County, University of Georgia, and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GADOT). MACORTS Chairmanship is alternated between Oconee County and Athens-Clarke County Chief Elected Officials. Committee meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month, usually on a quarterly basis.

Meeting Schedule

Voting Members

Nancy Denson

Mayor, Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County


John Scarborough

MACORTS Policy Committee Chair,
Madison County Board of Commissioners


John Daniell

MACORTS Policy Committee Vice-Chairperson, Chairperson Oconee County Commission


Russell McMurry

Commissioner Georgia Department of Transportation


Jim Anderson

Citizen Representative, Athens-Clarke County Planning Commission


Ryan Nesbit

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, University of Georgia



Citizen Representative, Madison County


Flynn Warren

Citizen Representative, Oconee County


Nonvoting Members

Linda Fortson

Alternate, Zoning Administrator, Madison County


Rodney Barry

Ex-Officio Division Administrator
Federal Highway Administration
Georgia Division


Brent Cook

Ex-Officio, District Engineer, Georgia DOT, District 1


Brad Griffin

Alternate, Director, Athens-Clarke County Planning Department


Jeff Benko

Alternate, Administrative Officer, Oconee County Commission



Alternate, Director of Strategic and Long Range Planning, Oconee County Planning Department


Blaine Williams

Alternate, Manager, Athens-Clarke County Unified Government


George Stafford

Alternate, Associate Vice President of Auxiliary and Administrative Services, University of Georgia


Radney Simpson

Alternate, Chief, Urban Area Planning Bureau, Georgia DOT



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