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Public Involvement

Public involvement activities are guided by the Madison Athens-Clarke Oconee Regional Transportation Study’s Participation Plan.  Public comment is regularly gathered through the designated citizen advisory committees of our member counties.  These are the Athens-Clarke County Planning Commission, the Madison County Planning Commission, and the Oconee County Citizen Advisory Committee on Land Use and Transportation Planning.  In addition, an opportunity to make public comment is provided at the beginning of each MACORTS Technical Coordinating Committee meeting agenda.

Periodically, MACORTS actions require a public comment period.  These periods range from 15 – 45 days in length.  Notices for these periods are posted on the MACORTS website and advertised in the newspapers of each of our member counties.  The MACORTS Technical Coordinating Committee and Policy Committee receive and review all public comment received before actions are finalized.

Comments may be submitted any time to MACORTS staff via the comment form below.  To receive e-mail notification of meetings and upcoming public comment opportunities, sign up by checking the box at the bottom of the comment form or by calling Sherry McDuffie at 706-613-3515.


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